Launch NFT

Hold this NFT to get 1% of the sell tax

Limited Edition

Hold BakedCake to earn passive income paid in $CAKE & $BAKE

Play games, Stake & much more with the latest BSC gem! Aimed to reward holders in both $CAKE and $BAKE tokens. With weekly burns, games to earn $BakedCake, anti whale systems, moonshot buybacks and other DeFi tools we will change the face of BSC.


Our BakedCake Recipe

How it works?

The BakedCake token and its symbol $BakedCake is the newest double rewards token and ecosystem on the BSC Chain. With an auto-liquidity and auto-buyback system, BakedCake token rewards holders in $BAKE & $CAKE simultaneously!

Rewarding holders with the latest RFI contract on the Binance Smart Chain, BakedCake has a 50/50 auto claim feature meaning Bake and Cake will automatically and gaslessly be farmed directly to your wallet without affecting the token price!



BakedCake Selling NFT


Bake Rewards

Get $BAKE every 60 mins
  • 3% of every transaction goes straight back to your wallet in the form of $BAKE tokens. Automatically converted as its traded so it doesn't affect the price of the token

Cake Rewards

Get $CAKE every 60 mins
  • 3% of every transaction goes straight back to your wallet in the form of $CAKE tokens. Automatically converted as its traded so it doesn't affect the price of the token


Allows Trading
  • 2% of each transaction goes directly to the liquidity pool. To allow trading & to help build a higher, steadier price floor for all holders

Auto Buy Back

  • 1% of every transaction contributes towards buy-backs. This is to ensure sustainable growth of the project and create a strong and stable chart


Outreach and growth
  • 3% of every transaction is used for marketing and outreach to grow and prosper for the long term benefit of our holders and community

BakedCake Ecosystem

The BakedCake Ecosystem helps to connect DeFi users together and also offers a wide range of innovative features.

Like tools for trading, minting and creating your own special DeFi projects. Whatever you need, you'll find it here!

BakedCake NFT's

Our unique NFT's are designed not only to be bought and sold but to also reward users who hold them. Through staking and trading you will be able to get special benefits from certain NFT's. Each NFT will have a ranking of Legendary, Epic or Common.

You wil be able to enter NFT lotteries using your BakedCake tokens and win Rare NFT's that will give you many advantages inside the BakedCake Eco-System.

NFTs will be available to purchase as well as staking, with the tools also available to mint your own unique NFTs! You can also play our cake themed games to gain even more BakedCake!



BakedCake Selling NFT



BakedCake Rewards NFT



BakedCake Buying NFT

BakedCake Tools

Our Dashboard Dapp comes with all the tools you need to be enhance your Defi Trading experience. From Charts , to Sniper Tools and Portfolio Tracking with much more, our BakedCake DApp will keep you up to date with our entire ecosystem. You will be able to also Farm, Trade, Stake your NFT's and much more, all to be revealed soon!

BakedCake Games

Play our BakedCake games! Bake Cakes to earn rewards paid out in $BakedCake! Join other players and compete for high scores on our leaderboards and much more! This is just a taster of what is still to come!

NFTLottery and Rewards

We love taking care of our community, with 10% of our supply going towards giveaways, competitions and prizes for our BakedCake holders. There will be endless chances to gain rewards in $BakedCake, $BAKE and $CAKE as well as many other exciting prizes.

You can also use your $BakedCake native tokens to take part in lotteries to win rare NFTs like the '0% buy and sell tax' exclusive NFT as well as many others!

Token Allocation

See our allocation below


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  • 00hours
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  • 00seconds

Presale Soon on PinkSale

Total Supply

10,000,000,000 10 Billion

Presale Allocation

4,000,000,000 4 Billion (40%)

Marketing Allocation

1,000,000,000 1 Billion (10%)

Private Sale

1,000,000,000 1 Billion (10%)

Initial Burn

3,000,000,000 3 Billion (30%)


1,000,000,000 1 Billion (10%)

Presale Filled 500BNB Hardcap!

  • Hard Cap 500 BNB
  • Soft Cap 250 BNB
  • Presale Price 5,000,000 per BNB
  • Private Presale Price 6,000,000 per BNB
  • Listing Price 4,000,000 per BNB

* Marketing and Rewards wallets will be locked, collecting reflection rewards and will be given back to the community in lotteries and giveaways.

Why hold BakedCake

Auto reward

Get rewards in $BAKE and $CAKE Every 60 minutes! Watch your passive income grow!

Weekly Giveaways

10% of the total supply will be locked in a wallet accumulating funds for giveaways and competitions!


Any transaction (Buy/Sell) that attempts to trade more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected

Highly Secured

Your funds are SAFU! Our smart contract has been audited by Audits.Finance and has no issues! Funds locked in Pinksale.

Reward Pools

Our rewards wallet will be locked, always earning cake and bake rewards! On a weekly basis these funds will be given back to the community.

Rewards will be randomly distributed based on a lottery system. The more BakedCake balance you own the more lottery tickets you will receive! You can also purchase extra tickets using your BakedCake balance

Read Time Update

Free Tickets

Our loyal token holders will receive free lottery tickets based on their BakedCake token holdings. The more you hold, the more free tickets you get! Increasing the chances of winning the lottery.

Cloud Based

Holding Based Rewards

Increase your chances of winning by buying more entry tickets using your $BakedCake balance! Tokens used to purchase tickets will also be partially burned, helping to increase value!

No transaction fees

Never Ending Rewards

The rewards funds come directly from the rewards wallet which is locked, gaining $BAKE and $CAKE rewards constantly. Allowing weekly giveaways in $BAKE and $CAKE for the community!.

Instant operations

Multiple Cash Prizes

Cash prizes in the form of $BAKE and $CAKE will be distributed every week. Our lottery system is completely random and more information will be released closer to the launch of the main tools Dapp.

Road Map

Our mission at BakedCake is to reward holders in a unique way whilst also delivering a wide set of tools to help Defi traders grow their portfolio. From BakedCake sniping tools, charts, NFT Staking, NFT Minting and Marketplace with lots more to come. Stake our Unique NFTs to gain special token related rewards!

Project Initiation

Website Launch

Smart Contract Development

Social Media Accounts

Coinzilla Ads

Presale Marketing

Phase 1

Major Launch

Presale on PinkSale

PancakeSwap Listing

CMC & CG Listing

NFT Minting Tools

CEX Listing (

Weekly Prize Giveaways

Phase 1

Empowering Our Community

Dextools Trending

Influencer Marketing

CMC trending

Reddit trending

Viral Marketing

Phase 2

Global Marketing

Partnership with Popular Swaps & Tokens

20K Holders

CEX Listing

Phase 2

Beta Release Platform

NFT Staking

NFT Marketplace

BakedCake Defi Tools

Daily Rewards for Holders

Phase 3

BakedCake Full Platform

Public Release of Platform

100K Holders

Further Game Developments

More coming soon..

Phase 3

Listed On